Janine Antram’s story is inspirational: from the horror of discovering that her much loved long blond hair started to fall out due to Alopecia to turning this medical condition into an amazing business that has helped thousands of New Zealand women and children so far.

Janine has been featured on the TV shows Close up and Sunday and in the Women’s magazines Women’s Day and Women’s Weekly. She shows how a mum of two takes the courage to fight back the disease that robbed the former Body model her femininity and identity. A model or not, any woman and young girl who experiences hair loss and baldness due to a medical condition or chemotherapy, knows how much it hurts to lose their locks. Young girls still at school experience more attention and even bullying due to the change and may fall into depression.

Janine sources exceptionally beautiful and natural looking wigs from overseas that are genuinely catwalk-worthy. Many women have reported a renewed energy and self-confidence once Janine has worked their magic with them – and without any cost! Janine, as a sufferer of a medical condition herself, knows how to apply for quite generous government funding to equip yourself with a set of stunning wigs that can heal your soul and keep your dignity through this tough time.

SS Hairwear is about helping sufferers access funding they are entitled to and that will change their lives. Janine will also speak about her own story of overcoming this perceived fault into a strength. A former personal trainer who lost her confidence to train her clients due to her hair loss, turned it all around by seeing the good in the bad. Young women and mature women can see that there is a chance out there to turn their lives around, regardless of what is happening.

Janine bonds well with children and teenagers, being a mum herself, and is also much liked by women of all ages. She knows how to sensitively talk to people about their fears and embarrassments. Her former career as personal trainer has prepared her well to talk to people about difficult topics, such as obesity, so she is well equipped and prepared to talk to your group as well.

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Providing outstanding service, wigs and accessories to women suffering from hair loss. Helping women to look good and feel good.