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Lifestyle Academy

Why is Lifestyle Academy one of New Zealand’s leading Personal Training companies?


Whether you have as little as fifteen pounds to lose or as much as a
hundred – the key to success is clear, accurate, easy-to-use information coupled with
the best coaching money can buy.


Janine keeps in touch by email and voice mail, making sure you
are getting the best possible results.
We strengthen your awareness and accountability throughout the
entire process. So streamlined is our system that we work equally effectively with
people all across the globe.


Your programme will be designed to suit your preferred method of communication; phone, email, web, text, one on one or groups


The first personal training company in New Zealand to offer Finance.


Fun-packed ‘Personality profiled’ and ‘age’ specific packages
designed to enhance friendships, motivation and results.


Programmes designed for Men, Women, Teenagers, groups and companies


The best way to learn something is to teach it. We will give you the tools to teach others whilst you learn. Your entire family will benefit and upon reaching your goal, career options are available.


The six areas in your life will be addressed to ensure it’s a ‘lifestyle’ not just another body programme. These area’s are age, weight, gender, metabolism, body and mind.

Lifetime guarantee

Our pledge to you: Results for now but care for life. We will maintain contact whilst you transition through the various stages of your life.

The best weapon against fat – KNOWLEDGE
That’s why we are one of
New Zealand’s leading Personal Training Companies.


More infomation please download: Client Information